Less Politics, More Problem Solving

Robert Reich commented today on Bernie Sanders and in that commentary was this quote from Sanders noting that; “there are people out there, Donald Trump and others, who are attempting to do what demagogues have always done, and that is instead of bringing people together to address and solve the real problems that we face, what they try to do is tap the anger and the frustration that people are feeling and then divide us up. So we have a message to Trump and all the others out there who want to divide us up: No, we’re not going to hate Latinos, we’re not going to hate Muslims, we are going to stand together.”

Generally I don’t comment on politics as I believe that our country is not served by it and should feature folks in charge who’s only desire is to run the country in the best interest of all people, keep us safe and for the most part stay out of our business, as long as we are not infringing on other American’s basic rights (not the long list of pet peeves we tend to cater to) and freedoms.

However I do wish to point out that Sanders is no better than any other politician in approaching the office with a preconceived “wishlist” he philosophically believes in.
Sanders on more than one occasion has sought to single out entire groups to demonize so, in true political fashion, he is as guilty of attempting to “divide us” as he states Trump and others are. The “Donald” has already joined the political club and is no better than Sanders either, lest you think I’m siding with him.

We need management at this point by folks with no financial, philosophical or long term political ambitions. Our problems now are too complicated to be resolved by a single political ideology and require only the most dedicated of problem solvers, not politicians.

I know that this is as much of a “Utopian” wish on my part, as is every political minded person’s thoughts on what their perfect world would look like, but nonetheless I urge folks to look for hard working and level headed leaders in the next turn of the election clock so that perhaps our grandchildren will inherit a better world.