Mark “SpinDizzy” Bowen

I am now retired although I continue to dabble in music and art projects as both a participant and promoter.

Prior to my retirement I provided BTU Marketing Services, LLC with strategy, business model development, and the development, documentation, and execution of integrated marketing and business projects. My previous work was with landline phone, mobile phone/data, and data center companies. I provided emerging competitive landline entities, wireless broadband business’ and purpose built data centers with strategic marketing models.

From 2001 to 2009, I was with TDS Telecom, where I led the consolidation of TDS Telecom’s two principle brands into a single TDS brand. I also led the communications efforts for TDS to penetrate the monopoly markets of the former Baby Bell SBC.

Formerly I was with Wray Castle Ltd./Wireless Developer, a think-tank of wireless engineering, software development and marketing experts. I served as a member of the executive management team, leading the product development, production and marketing organizations. I also managed the design and production of software developer education for Ericsson’s original Bluetooth chip deployment, AT&T’s “Angel”​ fixed wireless deployment and for many of the early developer programs that enabled the introduction and use of smart phones, tablets and the “Internet of Things”.

I currently maintain the personal and private entity SpinDizzy Labs, LLC as a platform for the previously mentioned music, art projects, and occasional blogging.