Oracle Expands Its Business Intelligence Potential

Oracle, in its continued effort to move from a premise based software provider to one more in step with current technologies, released recently its Oracle BI Mobile App Designer. The app designer allows business developers to create interactive analysis applications for use with mobile devices.Depositphotos_23287618_s

The app authoring system features a straightforward, browser-based, drag-and-drop interface that allows developers to assemble data, text, media, visual charts, and tables from a multitude of sources and provide apps that are customized to their business needs. Companies that wish to put their Oracle applications into the hands of a very mobile workforce have the ability to do so now with the new design system.

Although Oracle touts the system as being as easy to use as any other business software some companies may wish to utilize outsourced developers. These development teams have experience in mobile app development on multiple systems and the experience necessary for developing applications for key Oracle products like WebLogic and for integrating Oracle mobile apps into other enterprise BI tools.

Both Oracle and Microsoft are in a race to bring their BI applications, systems and clouds into a vastly more mobile and data driven businesses. According to Michael Tejedor, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, the firm is “super focused on giving customers the ability to connect to the broad array of data out there”.

Smaller companies will soon be able to take advantage of tools affordable until now by only the largest of companies and using lower cost, outsourced development teams take advantage of powerful new tools to help these organizations compete without dramatically raising either internal staff costs or straining already strained internal development teams.