SharePoint Users Can Now Integrate Intalio/BPM Into Web Parts

According to Raj Jain, CEO of Intalio, speaking of the company’s release of its new portlet for SharePoint Web Parts, “SharePoint users looking for an enterprise-level business process management platform to automate their mission-critical complex processes had few choices until now. We are thrilled to combine our years of BPM experience with our partner’s SharePoint skills to offer a highly-competitive, proven, best-value solution. With Intalio|bpms and SharePoint, administrators and end-users alike experience the best of both products: world-class BPM on their trusted application platform,”.

Intalio is a leading provider of application development tools, business process management (BPM) software and its “Jetty://” application server. In a partnership with JPL Informatique SA the two companies joined forces to develop the portlet and provide for its integration into SharePoint.

Intalio touts these benefits end-users will realize from the portlet:

  • Task List: End-users access task lists, notifications lists, and processes from within SharePoint. No need to launch an external application.
  • Process List: End-users and administrators initiate workflows from SharePoint, making the most of their familiar platform environment.
  • SharePoint Native Forms: Automatic conversion of forms designed in Intalio|bpms to native SharePoint forms provides a solid homogeneous user experience to the end-users throughout all applications.
  • Task Management: End-users claim, revoke, reassign, export, and skip tasks within the portal. Task management is comfortable and familiar, and therefore more effective.
  • Task search: Real-time search through the task list based on task metadata makes the most of SharePoint platform functions.
  • Multilingual: Pre-bundled with English and French support with additional languages available for best-in-class BPM, worldwide.
  • SharePoint DMS integration: Workflow documents are stored automatically in SharePoint’s document library, easily navigable and accessible from the user interface — and easier to use.
  • Notification Bar: Notifies users of pending tasks and notifications within SharePoint as part of the fully integrated features and interface.

The portlet and Intalio’s suite of developer tools will allow development companies working with SharePoint clients to integrate a powerful BPM into the enterprise collaboration platform. As internal customers clamor for more integration between the planning tools they now depend on, companies will be well served to consider this one.

For companies who lack the internal expertise to implement new tools like the Intalio/BPM portlet or require other system and database integration with SharePoint, an outsourced team can often save you both time and money. Whether working onsite or remotely many of these teams are located offshore and can provide development services at costs far lower than even an internal team.

SharePoint continues to lead the collaboration market and this new tool will only strengthen its usefulness to organizations of all sizes and missions.

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