The Battle of the Cloud Builders

Only a couple of months ago Oracle’s Larry Ellison was proclaiming that the “Oracle Public Cloud” would be “the most comprehensive cloud on the planet Earth,”. He was explaining the seven year long process that Oracle had undertaken to rebuild all of its applications for use in the cloud. At that time, early June this year, he was building on the announcement last October concerning the software giant’s launch of Oracle’s cloud which contained the company’s Fusion Applications offered as software as a service (SaaS).

Clouds with ladders on orange wall  ,competition concept

Ellison has long been a critic of the “cloud” because in his opinion it was mostly hyping existing technologies and concepts, some of which he originated years ago, brought to life by improved technologies and more widely accessible broadband networks. Yet when he made these statements in June he failed to mention that they were negotiating with Microsoft to have these applications certified to run on the Azure cloud.

Amazon Web Services already resells Oracle technologies on its cloud platform and according to James Staten, a principle analyst at Forrester Research, the Oracle cloud is weak and getting weaker. Although Oracle isn’t giving up their cloud just yet they clearly recognize the need to get their software into the cloud, one way or another.

Oracle apps run better on the Oracle Cloud?

Regardless of where they end up Oracle still can lay the claim that their applications will work better in an Oracle cloud. But companies wishing to use Oracle applications but do so within a different cloud platform (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, etc.) might do well to employ the services of a company experienced with adapting applications to a variety of cloud platforms.

Outsourcing this level of expertise to application and software development teams can be accomplished via both onshore and offshore companies, but the cost of “upgrading” your development by outsourcing parts of it can be very low when using offshore assets. Ellison’s drive to get Oracle products into the cloud can be an opportunity for companies provided they have the right expertise to guide them.

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