Where’s BTU?

BTU was a privately held marketing strategic planning and communications consultancy.  After building a foundation on providing  small to mid-sized organizations with a broad variety of marketing services, strategy and planning, as well as, web, application and cloud development services, BTU dramatically increased its capabilities and for many years served companies on an International basis.


BTU excelled at cutting through the noise and understanding your business, your audience and what will provide you with the greatest possible return on your marketing investments.  From a simple marketing strategy, developed and documented so that you can implement to fully engineering and deploying a private marketing cloud for your business…BTU had the assets, experience and development personnel to meet any challenge.

Having aided companies in the U.S., Asia and Europe, we know the North American business, technology and consumer markets. We regularly applied that knowledge to help non-U.S. companies establish brands and marketing efforts in the U.S. and Canada.

BTU closed its doors in July of 2015 to provide BTU founder Mark Bowen time to pursue other business and entertainment interests. Mark continues to be available for individual consulting projects that focus on interesting services, products and disruptive business models.