Yet another music Friday

Departing from my normal tech oriented news and blog posts, I offer up a classic Kompoz instrumental jam fest. Featuring the talents of Bill “Rhythm King” HoDon't Wait Upwe, Mark “Spin Meister” Bowen, Jeff “Let it Rip” Chalpan, Neil “Flying Fingers” Schmidt, Jay “King o’ the Keys” Schankman, and the one and only Neil “Mr. Selmer” Montgomery on Sax.

Jeff leads off the solo  fest followed by me on baritone guitar, than Jay chews up the keys on his B3, Neil switches up the feel a bit and gives us good sax, Chalpan and Schmidt trade licks and then Mr. Schmidt makes us proud by setting his guitar neck on fire using only his fingers, after that it builds to a mind boggling “all in free for all”.


Nothing like a good old fashioned jam session to get your Friday blood moving! Here tis:




Don’t Wait Up by Bill Howe